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Eliminate recurring IT issues once and for all with our top-tier managed IT services.

Why Clients Depend On Our IT Managed Services

Elevate Your Tech Performance With Managed IT Services in Hollywood

Harness the power of advanced IT solutions, tackle tech challenges head-on, and reduce costs with our IT services.

Why choose Cantey Tech Consulting for managed IT services?

  • Boost your efficiency with managed services that reduce downtime by tackling IT issues in under 15 minutes.
  • Step up your digital defenses with advanced email security, insight from a vISO, and support from our SOC.
  • Get back to business quickly with responsive IT helpdesk support and seasoned engineers at your service.
  • Achieve and maintain compliance with audits and expert guidance for CMMC, NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and SOX.
  • Navigate through critical IT decisions with a vCIO who provides custom strategies, detailed roadmaps, and more.

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Why Cantey Tech Consulting is a Top Managed Services Provider

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Of IT issues resolved on the first call

1.57 Minutes

Average response time for all IT problems

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Managed IT Services in Hollywood

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How Your Business Benefits From Our Managed Services

Managed IT Services

Elevate your business with our full suite of managed IT services. We provide tailored packages that ensure growth and resilience for your operations.

Cloud Services

Transition effortlessly to the cloud with our holistic services. From seamless migration to robust disaster recovery, we ensure your cloud journey is smooth.

Cyber Security

Shield your business from evolving cyber threats with advanced security measures including vISO support, state-of-the-art firewalls, and access to our SOC.

IT Support

Maintain seamless operations with our unparalleled IT support. Our seasoned professionals work diligently to eliminate recurring IT issues.

IT Helpdesk

Experience minimal downtime with our proactive helpdesk. We prioritize your needs, guaranteeing fast and efficient resolutions in under 15 minutes.

Network Support

Boost your connectivity with our comprehensive network services. We cover everything from design and network security to continuous monitoring.

IT Consulting

Accelerate your IT objectives with our expert guidance. Benefit from tailored strategies, budget insights, and strategic roadmaps provided by a dedicated vCIO.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your business continuity with our robust disaster strategies and reliable data backups, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted.

Compliance Services

Keep your business compliant with services that ensure you adhere to standards like CMMC, NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and SOX to prepare you for compliance audits.

Maximize Your Productivity With Managed IT You Can Trust

Slash your downtime by partnering with a leading managed services provider.

Grow Your Business Confidently With Unparalleled Managed IT

Hollywood Managed IT Services

Tailor Your Managed Services Experience With Our Flexible Packages

Other local managed services providers offer rigid packages, often including services that might not align with your specific needs.


At Cantey Tech Consulting, we take a different approach. We empower you to choose the services that truly matter to your business through our customizable managed IT service packages.

Design a package that mirrors your small business’s essential needs with a wide range of cost-efficient technology services, including:

  • Advanced cybersecurity measures
  • Swift and reliable IT support services
  • Expert IT guidance from experienced vCIOs
  • Thorough network surveillance and assistance
Managed IT Services in Hollywood

Improve Your First Line of Defense With Cutting-Edge Cyber Security Services

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, resulting in new cyber threats and sophisticated attack vectors.

That’s why it’s imperative for businesses like yours to bolster their online defenses.

A single data breach can incur costs up to $4.45 million, a financial hit that many companies can’t withstand.

Elevate your cybersecurity posture with our IT managed  services. Our services include:

  • Prompt software patching
  • Advanced firewall technologies
  • Strengthened network defenses
  • Stringent data protection protocols
  • Detailed vulnerability assessments
  • Comprehensive penetration testing
  • Comprehensive employee security training
  • Round-the-clock support from our Security Operations Center
  • Expertise from a dedicated Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO)
Hollywood IT Services

Enhance Your Tech Strategy With Expert Insight From a Seasoned vCIO

It’s a proven fact that 70% of IT initiatives don’t reach completion. Fortunately, with expert guidance, you don’t have to be part of that statistic.

This is where our Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) steps in, offering executive-level insight to steer your small business towards sustained success.

Benefit from 15 years of IT expertise that covers project planning, custom roadmap creation, optimizing budgets, and presenting regular business analyses.

Chart a course for long-term success today with advisory services designed to help your business thrive.

Managed IT Services Hollywood_

Safeguard Against Compliance Pitfalls With Our Reliable Managed IT Services

Businesses that operate within stringent regulatory frameworks must always be compliant. Overlooking this results in hefty penalties costing as much as $14.82 million.

Ensure you comply with vital benchmarks such as CMMC, NIST, HIPAA, PCI and SOX with our dependable managed services which provide:

  • Detailed audit preparations
  • In-depth security assessments
  • Streamlined compliance management
  • Meticulous policy and procedure reviews
  • Comprehensive vulnerability assessments
  • Proactive data protection and disaster recovery
  • And more

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services are tailored to align IT with your business objectives.

With a dedicated vCIO providing custom strategies and roadmaps, we ensure that your technology not only supports but also propels your business goals forward.

Our 15 years in the industry have equipped us to craft solutions that resonate with your core requirements, ensuring growth and stability.

Absolutely. Investing in managed IT services can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.

With our one-stop-shop approach, you consolidate all your IT needs to a single vendor, simplifying IT planning.

Our customizable packages allow you to pay only for the IT services you need, optimizing your resources.

Plus, with an average resolution time of less than 15 minutes, we minimize costly outages and downtime.

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of our managed IT services.

At Cantey Tech Consulting, we prioritize digital protection with state-of-the-art firewalls, in-depth penetration tests, and 24/7 support from our Security Operations Center.

Our advanced cybersecurity services, which include network security and endpoint security, ensure that your business is always shielded from evolving online threats.

Our IT services are distinguished by the expertise and responsiveness of our team.

With rapid responses and a dedicated service desk technician as your point of contact, we ensure swift and efficient resolutions and quality customer service.

Our seasoned engineers and dedicated field support ticket management ensure that your IT issues are addressed promptly and professionally.

Flexibility is a hallmark of our managed services. We understand that every business has unique IT needs.

That’s why we offer both packaged and customizable managed IT service options.

Whether you want granular support or a fully managed solution for your entire stack, we tailor our services based on an in-depth technical assessment, ensuring they adhere to your specific requirements.